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Highest Paid Terms, Phrases and Keywords on the Internet /media-business (text)/ Štampaj E-mail
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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Highest Paid Terms, Phrases and Keywords on the Internet


These are mainly words and concepts related to health and disease treatment (treatment, recovery, cancer, lung cancer, asbestos cancer, mesothelioma, mesothelioma diagnosis, mesothelioma symptoms, cord blood), earnings, taking and repayment of the loan (credit, free credit,  poor credit, business credit, american express credit, credit report, credit card application, accept credit, accept credit cards, loans, credit loans, cash loans, money, earn money, money at home, make money at home, how to make money, money making, money making ideas,  money now, money fast, cash advance, consolidate, refinance, refinancing), debts (debt problems, dept help, debt solutions, debt consolidation, consolidate loans, mortgage), internet business (software, web hosting, web host, webhost, hosting, SEO, search engine optimization, register domain, affiliate programs, adsense, adwords, internet money), business and study (insurance, counseling, video conference, video conferencing, trans union, send money, transfer, trading, lawyer, attorney, lexington law firm, consolidate, consolidating, student loan, student credit card, degree, university degrees, university degrees online)...
Anyway, here is a detailed list of terms and keywords, sorted by price level (which used to be paying over 10 dollars per visit/click):
mesothelioma, mesothelioma attorneys, mesothelioma lawyers, malignant pleural mesothelioma, asbestos cancer, mesothelioma symptoms, peritoneal mesothelioma, trans union, lung cancer, search engine optimization, mesothelioma diagnosis, home equity loans, baines and ernst, consolidate loans, lexington law, lexington law firm, debt problems, register domain, home equity line of credit, affiliate programs, refinance, video conferencing, payday loans, credit, counseling, asbestos, debt solutions, cash loans, refinancing, broadband phone, debt management, fast loans, credit card processing, credit reports, making money on the internet, merchant account, line of credit, money magazine, adsense, credit counselors, identity theft, make money at home, free credit, cash advance, consumer credit counseling, freecreditreport, make money from home, free credit reports, make extra money, omain registration, adwords, citifinancial, my fico score, web hosting, american express credit, airlines credit card, credit report, earn money, hard drive recovery, hard money lenders, credit counseling service, consolidate, claims, debt consolidation, poor credit, low interest, web host, student credit cards, secured, merchant account application, loans, send money to India, discover credit, merchant accounts, hosting, money on the internet, credit loans, consumer credit, money making ideas, credit card,  applications, money lenders, discover credit card, money loans, dept help, credit card services, consolidation, ways to make money, student credit, online credit report, how to make money, accept credit, accept credit cards, student loan, internet money, credit repair, free credit check, bad credit, money making, SEO, university degrees online, credit card application, consolidating, people with bad credit, car loans, money fast, money now, household automotive, personal credit, money at home, bad debt, lenders, auto loans, making money online, point of sale software, interest credit cards, credit history, lending, business credit, money to India, debt, online credit, student credit card, hard money, webhosting, credit cards, make money, credit application, online credit card, chase credit, interest credit, equifax credit, video conference, credit card offers, American credit, credit card fraud, best credit card, no credit check, credit card, bankruptcy, best credit, money market account, mbna credit, for credit, webhost, pengar, college credit, money market accounts, best credit cards, credit reporting agency, credit card debt, credit checks, Visa credit, credit check, secured credit cards, one credit card, credit report, I need money, low interest credit, credit services, credit reporting, preapproved, online approval, credit card rates, credit score...
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