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Monday, 13 July 2009
Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?
Fox Mulder:
No government agency has jurisdiction over the chicken. The chicken is out there, Scully, and we will find it.

Dana Scully:
There is a logical, scientific explanation for the chicken crossing the road. We need more evidence.

Walter Skinner:
<teeth clenched> You've got 24 hours to find out why that @!!*@!@ chicken crossed the road!!!

Canser Man:
<blows puff of smoke> There was no chicken.

Alex Krycek:
Because he can't decide WHAT side he's really on.

Byers (LG):
It was trying to escape the most heinous and evil force of the twentieth century.

Langly (LG):
It was on its way to the grassy knoll, dude.

Frohike (LG):
<snapping a photo> I don't know, but she's hot.

Bill Mulder:
It heard the words, and they made sense to it... merchandise... fryer parts...

Mrs. Mulder:
I have told you that I don't remember any chicken.

Mrs. Scully:
I had a dream about the chicken being taken away...

Melissa Scully:
The chicken needed to get in touch with its inner self, to find the light and the good. It was in a very dark place...

Bill Scully, Sr:
One day the chicken and I will be together again...

Bill Scully, Jr:
Dana, you spend too much time worrying about chickens... for HIM? You should be home with your family!

Agent Pendrell:
To get Dana a birthday present.

The Well-Manicured Man:
It will cross the road in one of two ways...

Deep Throat:
Mr. Mulder, they crossed the road a very long time ago. Trust no fowl.

The chicken is choosing a dangerous time to cross alone. The road is still out there, but it's never been more dangerous.

Marita Covarrubias:
I don't know how much I can tell you about the chicken... Oh yessssss, the chickenssssss. How much time do you have?

Jeremiah Smith:
I can't tell you right now why the chicken crossed the road, but if you come with me, I'll show you...

The Mighty Morphin' Bounty Hunter
Tell me where the chicken is!

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Tibika  - Whay chicken cross the road   | |15-11-2009 21:08:07
Chicken afraid from emancipator Mr Ratko Mladich from Moskow.Now chicken is in Moscow becouse there are lot of
corn.And also Mrs.Prof.Dr.Mira Markovich is there and she write coocking books there.
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